You might be wondering WHY a women-owned ski and snowboard brand is getting into intimacy products. Well, we've been known to push boundaries of what's acceptable so that we can make progress, but truth be told, our creator Jen Gurecki really needed something fun to do doing COVID lockdown. So while y'all were baking bread, she was turning up the heat in between the sheets.

No one knows what's more fun at Coalition Snow: testing out new prototypes of skis and snowboards or products designed to give you lots of big OOOs.

Other things people may not know:

🍑 We worked with Katie Burrel on the launch video (YOU ARE WELCOME go watch it rn on our homepage).


💦 While we launched with an all-natural CBD oil, we've added other goods like massage candles and vibes.


🍆 Après Delight is more than a product line; it's a platform that celebrates and normalizes our sexuality.


Back to that whole strategic decision thing, society tells us that our sexuality and our sexual wellness aren’t important. We're too old, too fat, too ugly, too slutty, too prude, too not-what-we-are-supposed to be as defined by antiquated patriarchal standards that are designed to make us all feel bad about ourselves. We want to change that.

Being outspoken about body image, intimacy, and the societal norms that limit the full expression of ourselves are not new to us at Coalition Snow. Après Delight is a natural extension of what we already do. And collectively, as a community of outdoor enthusiasts, we find so much pleasure and joy in our bodies. Why would we not embrace all of the gifts our bodies give us every day?


There's really so much more to Après Delight and we'd love to invite you to be a part of what we've been cooking up. You can sign up for our emails here, follow us on Instagram, and check out our website to get yourself some good lovin'.