Good Lovin' Field Guide | Volume One

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When we prepare for heading outdoors, we don’t leave a stone unturned or a detail unconsidered. Why? Because we want to have a good time and we know that starts with logistics, safety, and usually some gear. But what about the way we prepare ourselves to get hot and steamy while we’re out there? As usual, there’s not nearly as much attention given to our own cracks and crevices as we deserve.

That’s why we’ve created The Good Lovin' Down & Dirty Field Guide series to support the journeys you take on both in the outdoors and in your own skin.

These field guides are unlike any field guide you’ve had in your hands before. It’s packed full of information, insights, and prompts that get you exploring not just the natural world around you, but the landscape of your own body.

Our first field guide, authored by Laura Borichvesky (Founder of Sex Outside) and designed by Charlotte Harris (our Senior Designer), is all about the practical aspects of preparedness and daydreaming involved in having a safe yet thrilling time exploring intimacy outdoors– partnered, or by yourself.

Order now and get ready to blush for the first time while reading a field guide.

:: 20 pages of information and tools for reflection 

:: Printed on recycled paper

:: Measures 5x8 inches